Edtech Solutions

To say that Educational Technology (EdTech) is the use of technological processes and resources to improve education would be an understatement. It is about the way in which it can equalize standards and enable access for all, resulting in the democratization of education.

The advancement of technology has undoubtedly paved the way for a significant change in the education sphere. Modern-day EdTech Solutions such as Web Based Training (WBT), Computer Based Instruction (CBI), and Virtual Learning Environments (VLE) have depleted barriers and have made learning far more convenient than ever. At the same time, various school management softwares and Learning Management Systems (LMS) have optimized the organizational and learning processes at institutions. Online platforms, mobile applications and new learning formats have massively improved access to education, as well as enhancing the learning process itself, while online and Cloud technologies bring with them exciting standardisation possibilities for content.

Beset with abundant challenges and opportunities, the education environment in emerging Asia is primed for EdTech adoption. EduQuest believe that the intelligent application of EdTech makes one of the most effective ways to improve the quality of education.

Which is why we are bringing bespoke and meaningful solutions to tackle the unique obstacles amongst the region’s education and academic communities.

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