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Since 2013, MYTEB has been the premier Ed Tech solutions provider in the kingdom offering tools for teachers, students, parents. We provide solutions for Learning and Sharing, for Showing and Telling and For Making and Doing. We strive to be leaders in developing tools and technologies to drive 21st Century learning in the classroom. 

MYTEB is the first and only provider of Google Chromebooks in Cambodia.

Google ​Chromebooks offer the best possible computing platform a classroom environment, with modern cloud computing built on a user-friendly licence free OS, Android Apps, a safe virus free experience, long battery life and Unlimited Google Drive storage for educational institutions.  All powered by Google.  ​

Top to Bottom Classroom Solutions

Beyond Chromebooks, MYTEB helps to develop and improve school infrastructure including internet and networking solutions, security cameras and gated access points, video walls and School Information Systems (SIS).  We also offer comprehensive Classroom Solutions from Interactive projectors and whiteboards, big screen tablets and mobile devices, All in one PCs, laptops and thin clients, STEAM and Robotics kits, AR and VR solutions and more.

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​We bundle our hardware with relevant online learning software and curriculum including tools for blended learning, flipped classrooms,  Learning Management Solutions (LMS) and more.  We do this by collaborating with both local and regional experts to offer a complete educational solution.  ​

Over 100 clients served

What our customers say

“MYTEB has supplied us with economical, smart solutions. More important, MYTEB has provided exceptional customer service long after we’ve purchased their products. “
Wayne Hester, Samaritans Purse

“Listened to our needs…. really happy with our Chromebooks and tablets” 
Lyle Kozloff, LOGOS International School

“Quick-turnaround super-reliable customer service, great prices on quality tablets”
Vince Stange, MCC

Exceptionally good services & support, solutions oriented. 
Lim Tou Boon, E2STEM Education

“Very impressed with the service…trustworthy, great customer support & reliable” 
Martalia Lo, ACT School

“Thanks to MYTEB for your technical support… the tablets will make a great difference” 
Little Hearts